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IT Relocation Croydon, London

We can offer you our specialised bespoke service, whether you need to relocate a few employees or move thousands in a phased migration, Complete Care Consultancy is here to make this process easier. With our uniquely designed scope of work, we can ensure that the decommissioning, relocation and re-commissioning schedule there is a seamless transition, ensuring minimal downtime.

Complete Care Consultancy can offer the following:

  • Dedicated Project Management

  • Bespoke Service

  • 24/7 Support throughout the process

  • Highly trained staff

  • Dedicated IT vehicles

Your requirements are carefully managed by us with a complete and professional service from start to finish.

Our Process

- Record preferred the layout of desktop and equipment
- Decommissioning of equipment
- Professional packing and labelling
- Safe and securely tracked transportation
- Unpacking and re-commissioning
- Full power-up, boot, and network connectivity tests
- Packaging removal and recycling

Contact us today 0208 684 4022 for your relocation needs and we will ensure you get the service you require.